EA Surge

A marketing strategy for EA games to release a DLC (downloadable content) subscription service.

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Marketing Assignment
What if there was a way for gamers to get a discount on downloadable content, and have access to new content immediately the moment it came out?
This was the main thought behind EA Surge. In a fourth-year marketing course at Carleton University, my team and I were given the task of finding an organization with a marketing management problem, and recommending a solution that would solve the issue we discovered.
Above is the video shown at the end of the presentation as a mockup of what would be shown at the end of a three-day gaming convention to be held by EA. Below is an example of EA Surge's start up logo, shown during advertisements or at a lower intensity when loading the platform for purchasing content.
The project consisted of a written paper and an in-class presentation to the professor. The following are the slides used during the presentation.
The following are animations made for use in the mockup advertisement shown at the top of this page.
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